KWIKtile adhesives and additives can be used in a variety of tiling applications from domestic usage to large operations such as shopping centers and office parks where quicker setting times are of the utmost importance. KWIKtile products work across a wide variety of tile types including ceramic, clay, porcelain, granite and marble tiles and can be used for both floor and wall tiles alike. All the KWIKtile products are of extremely high quality and manufactured according to a strict quality control process to guarantee performance. With the large variety of applications and tiles that are available to the market, it can be tricky picking the right product for the right job. See the applications below for each product with helpful insider tips and suggested applications to make your job a little easier.



KWIKtile 24 is a general-purpose grey cement-based powder adhesive specifically formulated for fixing ceramic tiles to walls and floors. Your expected coverage will be +/- 4m² on floors and +/- 6m² on walls when applied with a notched trowel and your setting time will be 24 hours.

Tile types

Small to regular size ceramic tiles (standard size tiles 600 x 600mm)

Recommended Areas

Interior medium to low traffic areas. Use in combination with KWIKbond for “wet” areas and areas exposed to large changes in temperatures (bathrooms, kitchen areas).

Insiders Tip

This is our most cost-effective product and is ideal for interior ceramic tiling.